CUDA_renderRayCastCompositeShaded.h File Reference

#include "CUDA_matrix_math.h"
#include "CUDA_zbuffer_math.h"

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#define SQR(X)   ((X) * (X) )


template<typename T >
__device__ void CUDAkernel_RayCastCompositeShaded (cudaRendererInformation &renInfo, cudaVolumeInformation &volInfo, float *colorTF, float *alphaTF, float *gradientTF, float3 *s_rayMap, float2 *s_minmaxTrace, float3 *s_clippingPoints, float *s_rayLength, int tempacc, int xIndex, int yIndex)

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#define SQR (  )     ((X) * (X) )

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template<typename T >
__device__ void CUDAkernel_RayCastCompositeShaded ( cudaRendererInformation renInfo,
cudaVolumeInformation volInfo,
float *  colorTF,
float *  alphaTF,
float *  gradientTF,
float3 *  s_rayMap,
float2 *  s_minmaxTrace,
float3 *  s_clippingPoints,
float *  s_rayLength,
int  tempacc,
int  xIndex,
int  yIndex 
) [inline]

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