vtkSlicerVolumeTextureMapper3D.cxx File Reference

#include "vtkSlicerVolumeTextureMapper3D.h"
#include "vtkSlicerVolumeRenderingFactory.h"
#include "vtkRenderer.h"
#include "vtkVolume.h"
#include "vtkCamera.h"
#include "vtkMath.h"
#include "vtkPointData.h"
#include "vtkImageData.h"
#include "vtkColorTransferFunction.h"
#include "vtkPiecewiseFunction.h"
#include "vtkVolumeProperty.h"
#include "vtkMatrix4x4.h"
#include "vtkCommand.h"


 vtkCxxRevisionMacro (vtkSlicerVolumeTextureMapper3D,"$Revision: 1.6 $")
 vtkInstantiatorNewMacro (vtkSlicerVolumeTextureMapper3D)
template<class T >
void vtkSlicerVolumeTextureMapper3DComputeGradients (T *dataPtr, vtkSlicerVolumeTextureMapper3D *me, double scalarRange[2], unsigned char *volume1, unsigned char *volume2, unsigned char *volume3)
template<class T >
void vtkSlicerVolumeTextureMapper3DComputeScalars (T *dataPtr, vtkSlicerVolumeTextureMapper3D *me, float offset, float scale, unsigned char *volume1, unsigned char *volume2)

Function Documentation

vtkCxxRevisionMacro ( vtkSlicerVolumeTextureMapper3D  ,
"$Revision: 1.6 $"   
vtkInstantiatorNewMacro ( vtkSlicerVolumeTextureMapper3D   ) 
template<class T >
void vtkSlicerVolumeTextureMapper3DComputeGradients ( T *  dataPtr,
vtkSlicerVolumeTextureMapper3D me,
double  scalarRange[2],
unsigned char volume1,
unsigned char volume2,
unsigned char volume3 
) [inline]

References D, double(), mathExample::n, nx, ny, nz, and NodeSelector::t.

template<class T >
void vtkSlicerVolumeTextureMapper3DComputeScalars ( T *  dataPtr,
vtkSlicerVolumeTextureMapper3D me,
float  offset,
float  scale,
unsigned char volume1,
unsigned char volume2 
) [inline]

References D, D1, D2, double(), j, k, slicerget::size, and ModifyHeader::val.

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