CroutMatrix Class Reference

#include <newmat.h>

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GeneralMatrix BaseMatrix Janitor

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Public Member Functions

void cleanup ()
const intconst_data_indx () const
 CroutMatrix (const CroutMatrix &)
 CroutMatrix ()
 CroutMatrix (const BaseMatrix &)
GeneralMatrixEvaluate (MatrixType mt=MatrixTypeUnSp)
bool even_exchanges () const
void GetCol (MatrixColX &c)
void GetCol (MatrixRowCol &)
void GetRow (MatrixRowCol &)
bool is_singular () const
bool IsEqual (const GeneralMatrix &) const
bool IsSingular () const
LogAndSign log_determinant () const
void lubksb (Real *, int=0)
GeneralMatrixMakeSolver ()
void MiniCleanUp ()
void operator= (const CroutMatrix &)
void Solver (MatrixColX &, const MatrixColX &)
void swap (CroutMatrix &gm)
MatrixType type () const
 ~CroutMatrix ()

Private Member Functions

void get_aux (CroutMatrix &)
GeneralMatrixImage () const
void ludcmp ()

Private Attributes

bool d
bool sing

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CroutMatrix::CroutMatrix ( const BaseMatrix m  ) 
CroutMatrix::CroutMatrix (  )  [inline]

Referenced by Image().

CroutMatrix::CroutMatrix ( const CroutMatrix gm  ) 
CroutMatrix::~CroutMatrix (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void CroutMatrix::cleanup (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from GeneralMatrix.

References indx, GeneralMatrix::nrows_val, and REPORT.

Referenced by trymatd().

const int* CroutMatrix::const_data_indx (  )  const [inline]

Referenced by trymatd().

GeneralMatrix * CroutMatrix::Evaluate ( MatrixType  mt = MatrixTypeUnSp  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from GeneralMatrix.

References Compare(), REPORT, Throw, and GeneralMatrix::Type().

bool CroutMatrix::even_exchanges (  )  const [inline]
void CroutMatrix::get_aux ( CroutMatrix X  )  [private]
void CroutMatrix::GetCol ( MatrixColX c  )  [inline, virtual]

Implements GeneralMatrix.

References GetCol().

Referenced by GetCol().

void CroutMatrix::GetCol ( MatrixRowCol  )  [virtual]

Implements GeneralMatrix.

References Throw.

void CroutMatrix::GetRow ( MatrixRowCol  )  [virtual]

Implements GeneralMatrix.

References Throw.

GeneralMatrix * CroutMatrix::Image (  )  const [private, virtual]

Reimplemented from GeneralMatrix.

References CroutMatrix(), MatrixErrorNoSpace(), and REPORT.

bool CroutMatrix::is_singular (  )  const [inline]

Referenced by trymatd().

bool CroutMatrix::IsEqual ( const GeneralMatrix A  )  const
bool CroutMatrix::IsSingular (  )  const [inline]

Referenced by trymat3().

LogAndSign CroutMatrix::log_determinant (  )  const [virtual]
void CroutMatrix::lubksb ( Real B,
int  mini = 0 
void CroutMatrix::ludcmp (  )  [private]
GeneralMatrix* CroutMatrix::MakeSolver (  )  [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from GeneralMatrix.

void CroutMatrix::MiniCleanUp (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from GeneralMatrix.

References indx, GeneralMatrix::nrows_val, and REPORT.

void CroutMatrix::operator= ( const CroutMatrix gm  ) 
void CroutMatrix::Solver ( MatrixColX mcout,
const MatrixColX mcin 
) [virtual]
void CroutMatrix::swap ( CroutMatrix gm  ) 

Reimplemented from GeneralMatrix.

References d, BaseMatrix::i(), indx, REPORT, and sing.

Referenced by swap().

MatrixType CroutMatrix::type (  )  const [virtual]

Implements GeneralMatrix.

References MatrixType::Ct.

Referenced by IsEqual().

Member Data Documentation

bool CroutMatrix::d [private]
int* CroutMatrix::indx [private]

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