qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel Class Reference

#include <qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel.h>

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Public Types

typedef QSortFilterProxyModel Superclass

Public Member Functions

void addAttribute (const QString &nodeType, const QString &attributeName, const QVariant &attributeValue)
QStringList hideChildNodeTypes () const
QStringList nodeTypes () const
 qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel (QObject *parent=0)
void setHideChildNodeTypes (const QStringList &nodeTypes)
void setNodeTypes (const QStringList &nodeTypes)
void setShowChildNodeTypes (bool show)
void setShowHidden (bool)
bool showChildNodeTypes () const
bool showHidden () const
virtual ~qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool filterAcceptsRow (int source_row, const QModelIndex &source_parent) const
virtual bool lessThan (const QModelIndex &left, const QModelIndex &right) const


QStringList hideChildNodeTypes
QStringList nodeTypes
bool showChildNodeTypes
bool showHidden

Private Member Functions


Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel::qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel ( QObject parent = 0  ) 


qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel::~qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel::addAttribute ( const QString nodeType,
const QString attributeName,
const QVariant &  attributeValue 

Add node type attribute that filter the nodes to display

References autoSlicerTracto2regions::d, and QCTK_D.

Referenced by qMRMLNodeComboBox::addAttribute().

bool qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel::filterAcceptsRow ( int  source_row,
const QModelIndex &  source_parent 
) const [protected, virtual]
QStringList qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel::hideChildNodeTypes (  )  const
bool qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel::lessThan ( const QModelIndex &  left,
const QModelIndex &  right 
) const [protected, virtual]
QStringList qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel::nodeTypes (  )  const

Set/Get node types to display in the list NodeTypes are the class names, i.e. vtkMRMLViewNode, vtkMRMLTransformNode

qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel::QCTK_DECLARE_PRIVATE ( qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel   )  [private]
void qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel::setHideChildNodeTypes ( const QStringList nodeTypes  ) 

If a node is a nodeType, hide the node if it is also a ExcludedChildNodeType. (this can happen if nodeType is a mother class of ExcludedChildNodeType)

References autoSlicerTracto2regions::d, and QCTK_D.

Referenced by qMRMLNodeComboBox::setHideChildNodeTypes().

void qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel::setNodeTypes ( const QStringList nodeTypes  ) 
void qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel::setShowChildNodeTypes ( bool  show  ) 

Display or not the nodes that are excluded by the ExcludedChildNodeTypes list. true by default.

References autoSlicerTracto2regions::d, and QCTK_D.

Referenced by qMRMLNodeComboBox::setShowChildNodeTypes().

void qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel::setShowHidden ( bool  enable  ) 

If a vtkMRMLNode has the property HideFromEditors set to true, bypass the property and show the node anyway.

References autoSlicerTracto2regions::d, and QCTK_D.

Referenced by qMRMLNodeComboBox::setShowHidden().

bool qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel::showChildNodeTypes (  )  const
bool qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel::showHidden (  )  const

Property Documentation

QStringList qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel::hideChildNodeTypes [read, write]
QStringList qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel::nodeTypes [read, write]
bool qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel::showChildNodeTypes [read, write]
bool qMRMLSortFilterProxyModel::showHidden [read, write]

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