qSlicerCoreApplication Class Reference

#include <qSlicerCoreApplication.h>

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QApplication qSlicerApplication

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Public Types

typedef QApplication Superclass


void currentMRMLSceneChanged (vtkMRMLScene *mrmlScene)

Public Member Functions

vtkSlicerApplicationLogicappLogic () const
 Get application logic.
void clearSettings ()
 Clear application settings.
qSlicerCoreCommandOptionscoreCommandOptions () const
qSlicerCoreIOManagercoreIOManager () const
void disableSettings ()
void initialize (bool &exitWhenDone)
bool initialized () const
QString intDir () const
bool isInstalled ()
qSlicerModuleManagermoduleManager () const
vtkMRMLScenemrmlScene () const
 qSlicerCoreApplication (int &argc, char **argv)
void setCoreCommandOptions (qSlicerCoreCommandOptions *options)
void setCoreIOManager (qSlicerCoreIOManager *ioManager)
void setMRMLScene (vtkMRMLScene *scene)
void setSlicerHome (const QString &slicerHome)
qCTKSettingssettings ()
QString slicerHome () const
virtual ~qSlicerCoreApplication ()

Static Public Member Functions

static qSlicerCoreApplicationapplication ()

Protected Slots

virtual void handleCommandLineArguments ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void handlePreApplicationCommandLineArguments ()

Private Member Functions

 QCTK_DECLARE_PRIVATE (qSlicerCoreApplication)

Member Typedef Documentation

Reimplemented in qSlicerApplication.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

qSlicerCoreApplication::qSlicerCoreApplication ( int argc,
char **  argv 
qSlicerCoreApplication::~qSlicerCoreApplication (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

qSlicerCoreApplication * qSlicerCoreApplication::application (  )  [static]
vtkSlicerApplicationLogic* qSlicerCoreApplication::appLogic (  )  const

Get application logic.

Referenced by qSlicerCoreApplicationTest1(), and qSlicerTransformsModuleTest1().

void qSlicerCoreApplication::clearSettings (  ) 

Clear application settings.

References autoSlicerTracto2regions::d, and QCTK_D.

qSlicerCoreCommandOptions * qSlicerCoreApplication::coreCommandOptions (  )  const
qSlicerCoreIOManager * qSlicerCoreApplication::coreIOManager (  )  const

Get the IO manager

Referenced by qSlicerApplication::ioManager(), and qSlicerCoreApplicationTest1().

void qSlicerCoreApplication::currentMRMLSceneChanged ( vtkMRMLScene mrmlScene  )  [signal]

Referenced by setMRMLScene().

void qSlicerCoreApplication::disableSettings (  ) 

Disable application settings Instanciate a new empty qCTKSettings object and associate it with this instance. Note that the original settings won't deleted.

References autoSlicerTracto2regions::d, and QCTK_D.

Referenced by qSlicerCoreCommandOptions::disableCurrentSettings().

void qSlicerCoreApplication::handleCommandLineArguments (  )  [protected, virtual, slot]

References coreCommandOptions().

void qSlicerCoreApplication::handlePreApplicationCommandLineArguments (  )  [protected, virtual]
void qSlicerCoreApplication::initialize ( bool exitWhenDone  ) 

Instantiate MRMLScene and Application logic.

  • Configure scene
  • AppLogic is set as a scene observer.
  • Create processing thread If exitWhenDone is True, it's your responsability to exit the application

Reimplemented in qSlicerApplication.

References autoSlicerTracto2regions::d, QCTK_D, vtkMRMLScene::SetActiveScene(), and setMRMLScene().

Referenced by qSlicerApplication::initialize(), qSlicerCamerasModuleTest1(), qSlicerCoreApplicationTest1(), qSlicerModuleManagerTest1(), and qSlicerTransformsModuleTest1().

bool qSlicerCoreApplication::initialized (  )  const

Return true if the application has been initialized Note: initialize() should be called only one time.

QString qSlicerCoreApplication::intDir (  )  const
bool qSlicerCoreApplication::isInstalled (  ) 

Return true is this instance of Slicer is running from an installed directory

References slicerHome().

Referenced by qSlicerPythonManager::pythonPaths(), and qSlicerCoreApplicationTest1().

qSlicerModuleManager * qSlicerCoreApplication::moduleManager (  )  const
vtkMRMLScene* qSlicerCoreApplication::mrmlScene (  )  const
qSlicerCoreApplication::QCTK_DECLARE_PRIVATE ( qSlicerCoreApplication   )  [private]

Reimplemented in qSlicerApplication.

void qSlicerCoreApplication::setCoreCommandOptions ( qSlicerCoreCommandOptions options  ) 
void qSlicerCoreApplication::setCoreIOManager ( qSlicerCoreIOManager ioManager  ) 

Set the IO manager Note that qSlicerCoreApplication takes ownership of the object

Referenced by qSlicerCoreApplicationTest1().

void qSlicerCoreApplication::setMRMLScene ( vtkMRMLScene scene  ) 

Set MRML Scene DEPRECATED: This method was used by the KWWidgests GUI only and it will be moved as a protected member.

References currentMRMLSceneChanged(), autoSlicerTracto2regions::d, and QCTK_D.

Referenced by initialize(), qSlicerCoreApplicationTest1(), and Slicer3_main().

void qSlicerCoreApplication::setSlicerHome ( const QString slicerHome  ) 

Convenient method to set slicer home directory Note: SlicerHome should be auto-discovered. See implementation details.

Referenced by qSlicerCoreApplicationTest1().

qCTKSettings * qSlicerCoreApplication::settings (  ) 

Get application settings Note that his method will also instanciate a qCTKSettings object if required.

References autoSlicerTracto2regions::d, and QCTK_D.

Referenced by qSlicerApplication::initialize(), qSlicerCamerasModuleTest1(), qSlicerCoreApplicationTest1(), and qSlicerTransformsModuleTest1().

QString qSlicerCoreApplication::slicerHome (  )  const

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