qSlicerUtils Class Reference

#include <qSlicerUtils.h>

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Public Types

typedef qSlicerUtils Self

Static Public Member Functions

static QString executableExtension ()
static bool isExecutableName (const QString &name)
static QString searchTargetInIntDir (const QString &directory, const QString &target)

Private Member Functions

 qSlicerUtils ()
 This function returns ".dll. on windows, ".so" on linux and ".dylib on Mac.
virtual ~qSlicerUtils ()

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

qSlicerUtils::qSlicerUtils (  )  [inline, private]

This function returns ".dll. on windows, ".so" on linux and ".dylib on Mac.

Not implemented

virtual qSlicerUtils::~qSlicerUtils (  )  [inline, private, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

QString qSlicerUtils::executableExtension (  )  [static]

This function returns an empty string on all plateform expected windows where it returns ".exe"

Referenced by qSlicerPythonManager::pythonPaths().

bool qSlicerUtils::isExecutableName ( const QString name  )  [static]

Return true if the string name ends with one of these executable extension: ".bat", ".com", ".sh", ".csh", ".tcsh", ".pl", ".py", ".tcl", ".m", ".exe" Note: The comparison is case insensitive

QString qSlicerUtils::searchTargetInIntDir ( const QString directory,
const QString target 
) [static]

Look for target file in build intermediate directory. On windows, the intermediate directory includes: . Debug RelWithDebInfo Release MinSizeRel And it return the first matched directory On the other plateform, this function just return the directory passed as a first argument

Referenced by qSlicerPythonManager::pythonPaths().

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