vtkImageResliceMask Class Reference

#include <vtkImageResliceMask.h>

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Public Member Functions

double GetBackgroundLevel ()
vtkImageDataGetBackgroundMask ()
int GetInterpolate ()
const charGetInterpolationModeAsString ()
unsigned long int GetMTime ()
double * GetResliceAxesDirectionCosines ()
void GetResliceAxesDirectionCosines (double xyz[9])
void GetResliceAxesDirectionCosines (double x[3], double y[3], double z[3])
double * GetResliceAxesOrigin ()
void GetResliceAxesOrigin (double xyz[3])
vtkImageStencilData * GetStencil ()
void InterpolateOff ()
void InterpolateOn ()
virtual void PrintSelf (ostream &os, vtkIndent indent)
void SetBackgroundLevel (double v)
virtual void SetInformationInput (vtkImageData *)
void SetInterpolate (int t)
void SetInterpolationModeToCubic ()
void SetInterpolationModeToLinear ()
void SetInterpolationModeToNearestNeighbor ()
void SetOutputExtentToDefault ()
void SetOutputOriginToDefault ()
void SetOutputSpacingToDefault ()
virtual void SetResliceAxes (vtkMatrix4x4 *)
void SetResliceAxesDirectionCosines (const double xyz[9])
void SetResliceAxesDirectionCosines (const double x[3], const double y[3], const double z[3])
void SetResliceAxesDirectionCosines (double x0, double x1, double x2, double y0, double y1, double y2, double z0, double z1, double z2)
void SetResliceAxesOrigin (const double xyz[3])
void SetResliceAxesOrigin (double x, double y, double z)
virtual void SetResliceTransform (vtkAbstractTransform *)
void SetStencil (vtkImageStencilData *stencil)
 vtkBooleanMacro (Optimization, int)
 vtkBooleanMacro (Border, int)
 vtkBooleanMacro (Mirror, int)
 vtkBooleanMacro (Wrap, int)
 vtkBooleanMacro (AutoCropOutput, int)
 vtkBooleanMacro (TransformInputSampling, int)
 vtkGetMacro (OutputDimensionality, int)
 vtkGetMacro (Optimization, int)
 vtkGetMacro (InterpolationMode, int)
 vtkGetMacro (Border, int)
 vtkGetMacro (Mirror, int)
 vtkGetMacro (Wrap, int)
 vtkGetMacro (AutoCropOutput, int)
 vtkGetMacro (TransformInputSampling, int)
 vtkGetObjectMacro (InformationInput, vtkImageData)
 vtkGetObjectMacro (ResliceTransform, vtkAbstractTransform)
 vtkGetObjectMacro (ResliceAxes, vtkMatrix4x4)
 vtkGetVector3Macro (OutputOrigin, double)
 vtkGetVector3Macro (OutputSpacing, double)
 vtkGetVector4Macro (BackgroundColor, double)
 vtkGetVector6Macro (OutputExtent, int)
 vtkSetMacro (OutputDimensionality, int)
 vtkSetMacro (Optimization, int)
 vtkSetMacro (InterpolationMode, int)
 vtkSetMacro (Border, int)
 vtkSetMacro (Mirror, int)
 vtkSetMacro (Wrap, int)
 vtkSetMacro (AutoCropOutput, int)
 vtkSetMacro (TransformInputSampling, int)
 vtkSetVector3Macro (OutputOrigin, double)
 vtkSetVector3Macro (OutputSpacing, double)
 vtkSetVector4Macro (BackgroundColor, double)
 vtkSetVector6Macro (OutputExtent, int)
 vtkTypeRevisionMacro (vtkImageResliceMask, vtkThreadedImageAlgorithm)

Static Public Member Functions

static vtkImageResliceMaskNew ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual int FillInputPortInformation (int port, vtkInformation *info)
void GetAutoCroppedOutputBounds (vtkInformation *inInfo, double bounds[6])
vtkMatrix4x4 * GetIndexMatrix (vtkInformation *inInfo, vtkInformation *outInfo)
vtkAbstractTransform * GetOptimizedTransform ()
virtual int RequestInformation (vtkInformation *, vtkInformationVector **, vtkInformationVector *)
virtual int RequestUpdateExtent (vtkInformation *, vtkInformationVector **, vtkInformationVector *)
virtual void ThreadedRequestData (vtkInformation *request, vtkInformationVector **inputVector, vtkInformationVector *outputVector, vtkImageData ***inData, vtkImageData **outData, int ext[6], int id)
 vtkImageResliceMask ()
 ~vtkImageResliceMask ()

Protected Attributes

int AutoCropOutput
double BackgroundColor [4]
int Border
int HitInputExtent
vtkMatrix4x4 * IndexMatrix
int InterpolationMode
int Mirror
int Optimization
vtkAbstractTransform * OptimizedTransform
int OutputDimensionality
int OutputExtent [6]
double OutputOrigin [3]
double OutputSpacing [3]
vtkMatrix4x4 * ResliceAxes
double ResliceAxesDirectionCosines [9]
double ResliceAxesOrigin [3]
vtkAbstractTransform * ResliceTransform
int TransformInputSampling
int Wrap

Private Member Functions

void operator= (const vtkImageResliceMask &)
 Not implemented.
 vtkImageResliceMask (const vtkImageResliceMask &)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vtkImageResliceMask::vtkImageResliceMask (  )  [protected]
vtkImageResliceMask::~vtkImageResliceMask (  )  [protected]
vtkImageResliceMask::vtkImageResliceMask ( const vtkImageResliceMask  )  [private]

Member Function Documentation

int vtkImageResliceMask::FillInputPortInformation ( int  port,
vtkInformation *  info 
) [protected, virtual]
void vtkImageResliceMask::GetAutoCroppedOutputBounds ( vtkInformation *  inInfo,
double  bounds[6] 
) [protected]

References New(), ResliceAxes, and ResliceTransform.

double vtkImageResliceMask::GetBackgroundLevel (  )  [inline]
vtkImageData * vtkImageResliceMask::GetBackgroundMask (  ) 
vtkMatrix4x4 * vtkImageResliceMask::GetIndexMatrix ( vtkInformation *  inInfo,
vtkInformation *  outInfo 
) [protected]
int vtkImageResliceMask::GetInterpolate (  )  [inline]


const char * vtkImageResliceMask::GetInterpolationModeAsString (  )  [inline]
unsigned long int vtkImageResliceMask::GetMTime ( void   ) 

When determining the modified time of the filter, this check the modified time of the transform and matrix.

References ResliceAxes, and ResliceTransform.

vtkAbstractTransform* vtkImageResliceMask::GetOptimizedTransform (  )  [inline, protected]
double* vtkImageResliceMask::GetResliceAxesDirectionCosines (  )  [inline]

Referenced by PrintSelf().

void vtkImageResliceMask::GetResliceAxesDirectionCosines ( double  xyz[9]  )  [inline]
void vtkImageResliceMask::GetResliceAxesDirectionCosines ( double  x[3],
double  y[3],
double  z[3] 

References ResliceAxes.

double* vtkImageResliceMask::GetResliceAxesOrigin (  )  [inline]

Referenced by PrintSelf().

void vtkImageResliceMask::GetResliceAxesOrigin ( double  xyz[3]  ) 

References ResliceAxes.

vtkImageStencilData * vtkImageResliceMask::GetStencil (  ) 

Referenced by PrintSelf().

void vtkImageResliceMask::InterpolateOff (  )  [inline]
void vtkImageResliceMask::InterpolateOn (  )  [inline]
static vtkImageResliceMask* vtkImageResliceMask::New (  )  [static]
void vtkImageResliceMask::operator= ( const vtkImageResliceMask  )  [private]

Not implemented.

void vtkImageResliceMask::PrintSelf ( ostream &  os,
vtkIndent  indent 
) [virtual]
virtual int vtkImageResliceMask::RequestInformation ( vtkInformation *  ,
vtkInformationVector **  ,
vtkInformationVector *   
) [protected, virtual]
virtual int vtkImageResliceMask::RequestUpdateExtent ( vtkInformation *  ,
vtkInformationVector **  ,
vtkInformationVector *   
) [protected, virtual]
void vtkImageResliceMask::SetBackgroundLevel ( double  v  )  [inline]

Set background grey level (for single-component images).

virtual void vtkImageResliceMask::SetInformationInput ( vtkImageData  )  [virtual]

Set a vtkImageData from which the default Spacing, Origin, and WholeExtent of the output will be copied. The spacing, origin, and extent will be permuted according to the ResliceAxes. Any values set via SetOutputSpacing, SetOutputOrigin, and SetOutputExtent will override these values. By default, the Spacing, Origin, and WholeExtent of the Input are used.

Referenced by ~vtkImageResliceMask().

void vtkImageResliceMask::SetInterpolate ( int  t  )  [inline]

Convenient methods for switching between nearest-neighbor and linear interpolation. InterpolateOn() is equivalent to SetInterpolationModeToLinear() and InterpolateOff() is equivalent to SetInterpolationModeToNearestNeighbor(). You should not use these methods if you use the SetInterpolationMode methods.

void vtkImageResliceMask::SetInterpolationModeToCubic (  )  [inline]


void vtkImageResliceMask::SetInterpolationModeToLinear (  )  [inline]
void vtkImageResliceMask::SetInterpolationModeToNearestNeighbor (  )  [inline]
void vtkImageResliceMask::SetOutputExtentToDefault (  )  [inline]
void vtkImageResliceMask::SetOutputOriginToDefault (  )  [inline]
void vtkImageResliceMask::SetOutputSpacingToDefault (  )  [inline]
virtual void vtkImageResliceMask::SetResliceAxes ( vtkMatrix4x4 *   )  [virtual]

This method is used to set up the axes for the output voxels. The output Spacing, Origin, and Extent specify the locations of the voxels within the coordinate system defined by the axes. The ResliceAxes are used most often to permute the data, e.g. to extract ZY or XZ slices of a volume as 2D XY images.

The first column of the matrix specifies the x-axis vector (the fourth element must be set to zero), the second column specifies the y-axis, and the third column the z-axis. The fourth column is the origin of the axes (the fourth element must be set to one).

An alternative to SetResliceAxes() is to use SetResliceAxesDirectionCosines() to set the directions of the axes and SetResliceAxesOrigin() to set the origin of the axes.

Referenced by SetResliceAxesDirectionCosines(), SetResliceAxesOrigin(), and ~vtkImageResliceMask().

void vtkImageResliceMask::SetResliceAxesDirectionCosines ( const double  xyz[9]  )  [inline]
void vtkImageResliceMask::SetResliceAxesDirectionCosines ( const double  x[3],
const double  y[3],
const double  z[3] 
) [inline]
void vtkImageResliceMask::SetResliceAxesDirectionCosines ( double  x0,
double  x1,
double  x2,
double  y0,
double  y1,
double  y2,
double  z0,
double  z1,
double  z2 

Specify the direction cosines for the ResliceAxes (i.e. the first three elements of each of the first three columns of the ResliceAxes matrix). This will modify the current ResliceAxes matrix, or create a new matrix if none exists.

References FW::Actions::Modified, ResliceAxes, and SetResliceAxes().

void vtkImageResliceMask::SetResliceAxesOrigin ( const double  xyz[3]  )  [inline]
void vtkImageResliceMask::SetResliceAxesOrigin ( double  x,
double  y,
double  z 

Specify the origin for the ResliceAxes (i.e. the first three elements of the final column of the ResliceAxes matrix). This will modify the current ResliceAxes matrix, or create new matrix if none exists.

References FW::Actions::Modified, ResliceAxes, and SetResliceAxes().

virtual void vtkImageResliceMask::SetResliceTransform ( vtkAbstractTransform *   )  [virtual]

Set a transform to be applied to the resampling grid that has been defined via the ResliceAxes and the output Origin, Spacing and Extent. Note that applying a transform to the resampling grid (which lies in the output coordinate system) is equivalent to applying the inverse of that transform to the input volume. Nonlinear transforms such as vtkGridTransform and vtkThinPlateSplineTransform can be used here.

Referenced by vtkSlicerSliceLayerLogic::UpdateImageDisplay(), and ~vtkImageResliceMask().

void vtkImageResliceMask::SetStencil ( vtkImageStencilData *  stencil  ) 

Use a stencil to limit the calculations to a specific region of the output. Portions of the output that are 'outside' the stencil will be cleared to the background color.

virtual void vtkImageResliceMask::ThreadedRequestData ( vtkInformation *  request,
vtkInformationVector **  inputVector,
vtkInformationVector *  outputVector,
vtkImageData ***  inData,
vtkImageData **  outData,
int  ext[6],
int  id 
) [protected, virtual]
vtkImageResliceMask::vtkBooleanMacro ( Optimization  ,
vtkImageResliceMask::vtkBooleanMacro ( Border  ,
vtkImageResliceMask::vtkBooleanMacro ( Mirror  ,
vtkImageResliceMask::vtkBooleanMacro ( Wrap  ,
vtkImageResliceMask::vtkBooleanMacro ( AutoCropOutput  ,
vtkImageResliceMask::vtkBooleanMacro ( TransformInputSampling  ,
vtkImageResliceMask::vtkGetMacro ( OutputDimensionality  ,
vtkImageResliceMask::vtkGetMacro ( Optimization  ,
vtkImageResliceMask::vtkGetMacro ( InterpolationMode  ,
vtkImageResliceMask::vtkGetMacro ( Border  ,
vtkImageResliceMask::vtkGetMacro ( Mirror  ,
vtkImageResliceMask::vtkGetMacro ( Wrap  ,
vtkImageResliceMask::vtkGetMacro ( AutoCropOutput  ,
vtkImageResliceMask::vtkGetMacro ( TransformInputSampling  ,
vtkImageResliceMask::vtkGetObjectMacro ( InformationInput  ,
vtkImageResliceMask::vtkGetObjectMacro ( ResliceTransform  ,
vtkImageResliceMask::vtkGetObjectMacro ( ResliceAxes  ,
vtkImageResliceMask::vtkGetVector3Macro ( OutputOrigin  ,
vtkImageResliceMask::vtkGetVector3Macro ( OutputSpacing  ,
vtkImageResliceMask::vtkGetVector4Macro ( BackgroundColor  ,
vtkImageResliceMask::vtkGetVector6Macro ( OutputExtent  ,
vtkImageResliceMask::vtkSetMacro ( OutputDimensionality  ,

Force the dimensionality of the output to either 1, 2, 3 or 0 (default: 3). If the dimensionality is 2D, then the Z extent of the output is forced to (0,0) and the Z origin of the output is forced to 0.0 (i.e. the output extent is confined to the xy plane). If the dimensionality is 1D, the output extent is confined to the x axis. For 0D, the output extent consists of a single voxel at (0,0,0).

vtkImageResliceMask::vtkSetMacro ( Optimization  ,

Turn on and off optimizations (default on, they should only be turned off for testing purposes).

vtkImageResliceMask::vtkSetMacro ( InterpolationMode  ,

Set interpolation mode (default: nearest neighbor).

vtkImageResliceMask::vtkSetMacro ( Border  ,

Extend the apparent input border by a half voxel (default: On). This changes how interpolation is handled at the borders of the input image: if the center of an output voxel is beyond the edge of the input image, but is within a half voxel width of the edge (using the input voxel width), then the value of the output voxel is calculated as if the input's edge voxels were duplicated past the edges of the input. This has no effect if Mirror or Wrap are on.

vtkImageResliceMask::vtkSetMacro ( Mirror  ,

Turn on mirror-pad feature (default: Off). This will override the wrap-pad.

vtkImageResliceMask::vtkSetMacro ( Wrap  ,

Turn on wrap-pad feature (default: Off).

vtkImageResliceMask::vtkSetMacro ( AutoCropOutput  ,

Turn this on if you want to guarantee that the extent of the output will be large enough to ensure that none of the data will be cropped (default: Off).

vtkImageResliceMask::vtkSetMacro ( TransformInputSampling  ,

Specify whether to transform the spacing, origin and extent of the Input (or the InformationInput) according to the direction cosines and origin of the ResliceAxes before applying them as the default output spacing, origin and extent (default: On).

vtkImageResliceMask::vtkSetVector3Macro ( OutputOrigin  ,

Set the origin for the output data. The default output origin is the input origin permuted through the ResliceAxes.

vtkImageResliceMask::vtkSetVector3Macro ( OutputSpacing  ,

Set the voxel spacing for the output data. The default output spacing is the input spacing permuted through the ResliceAxes.

vtkImageResliceMask::vtkSetVector4Macro ( BackgroundColor  ,

Set the background color (for multi-component images).

vtkImageResliceMask::vtkSetVector6Macro ( OutputExtent  ,

Set the extent for the output data. The default output extent is the input extent permuted through the ResliceAxes.

vtkImageResliceMask::vtkTypeRevisionMacro ( vtkImageResliceMask  ,

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by PrintSelf(), and vtkImageResliceMask().

double vtkImageResliceMask::BackgroundColor[4] [protected]

Referenced by PrintSelf(), and vtkImageResliceMask().

Referenced by PrintSelf(), and vtkImageResliceMask().

Referenced by vtkImageResliceMask().

vtkMatrix4x4* vtkImageResliceMask::IndexMatrix [protected]

Referenced by PrintSelf(), and vtkImageResliceMask().

Referenced by PrintSelf(), and vtkImageResliceMask().

Referenced by PrintSelf(), and vtkImageResliceMask().

vtkAbstractTransform* vtkImageResliceMask::OptimizedTransform [protected]

Referenced by PrintSelf(), and vtkImageResliceMask().

double vtkImageResliceMask::OutputOrigin[3] [protected]

Referenced by PrintSelf(), and vtkImageResliceMask().

double vtkImageResliceMask::OutputSpacing[3] [protected]

Referenced by PrintSelf(), and vtkImageResliceMask().

vtkMatrix4x4* vtkImageResliceMask::ResliceAxes [protected]

Referenced by PrintSelf(), and vtkImageResliceMask().

Referenced by PrintSelf(), and vtkImageResliceMask().

vtkAbstractTransform* vtkImageResliceMask::ResliceTransform [protected]

Referenced by PrintSelf(), and vtkImageResliceMask().

Referenced by PrintSelf(), and vtkImageResliceMask().

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