vtkNRRDReader Class Reference

#include <vtkNRRDReader.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void AllocateOutputData (vtkImageData *out, int *uExtent)
vtkImageDataAllocateOutputData (vtkDataObject *out)
void AllocatePointData (vtkImageData *out)
virtual int CanReadFile (const char *filename)
 is the given file name a NRRD file?
virtual const charGetDescriptiveName ()
virtual const charGetFileExtensions ()
charGetHeaderKeys ()
const charGetHeaderValue (const char *key)
vtkMatrix4x4 * GetMeasurementFrameMatrix ()
vtkMatrix4x4 * GetRasToIjkMatrix ()
int NrrdToVTKScalarType (const int nrrdPixelType) const
virtual void PrintSelf (ostream &os, vtkIndent indent)
void SetUseNativeOriginOff ()
void SetUseNativeOriginOn ()
 vtkGetMacro (NumberOfComponents, int)
 vtkGetMacro (DataType, int)
 vtkGetMacro (PointDataType, int)
 vtkGetMacro (ReadStatus, int)
 vtkSetMacro (NumberOfComponents, int)
 vtkSetMacro (DataType, int)
 vtkSetMacro (PointDataType, int)
int VTKToNrrdPixelType (const int vtkPixelType) const
 vtkTypeRevisionMacro (vtkNRRDReader, vtkMedicalImageReader2)

Static Public Member Functions

static vtkNRRDReaderNew ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void ExecuteData (vtkDataObject *out)
virtual void ExecuteInformation ()
int tenSpaceDirectionReduce (Nrrd *nout, const Nrrd *nin, double SD[9])
 vtkNRRDReader ()
 ~vtkNRRDReader ()

Protected Attributes

int DataType
std::map< std::string,
std::string > 
vtkMatrix4x4 * MeasurementFrameMatrix
Nrrd * nrrd
vtkMatrix4x4 * NRRDWorldToRasMatrix
int NumberOfComponents
int PointDataType
vtkMatrix4x4 * RasToIjkMatrix
int ReadStatus
bool UseNativeOrigin

Private Member Functions

void operator= (const vtkNRRDReader &)
 Not implemented.
 vtkNRRDReader (const vtkNRRDReader &)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vtkNRRDReader::vtkNRRDReader (  )  [protected]
vtkNRRDReader::~vtkNRRDReader (  )  [protected]
vtkNRRDReader::vtkNRRDReader ( const vtkNRRDReader  )  [private]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void vtkNRRDReader::AllocateOutputData ( vtkImageData out,
int uExtent 
) [inline, virtual]
vtkImageData * vtkNRRDReader::AllocateOutputData ( vtkDataObject *  out  ) 

References AllocatePointData(), and ExecuteInformation().

Referenced by ExecuteData().

void vtkNRRDReader::AllocatePointData ( vtkImageData out  ) 
int vtkNRRDReader::CanReadFile ( const char filename  )  [virtual]

is the given file name a NRRD file?

void vtkNRRDReader::ExecuteData ( vtkDataObject *  out  )  [protected, virtual]
void vtkNRRDReader::ExecuteInformation (  )  [protected, virtual]

References teem::airEndianLittle, teem::airEnumStr, teem::biffGetDone, CurrentFileName, HeaderKeyValue, j, MeasurementFrameMatrix, New(), NORMALS, nrrd, teem::nrrdCenterCell, teem::nrrdDomainAxesGet, teem::NrrdIoState, teem::nrrdIoStateNew, teem::nrrdIoStateNix, teem::nrrdIoStateSet, teem::nrrdIoStateSkipData, teem::nrrdKeyValueIndex, teem::nrrdKeyValueSize, teem::nrrdKind, teem::nrrdKind2DMaskedMatrix, teem::nrrdKind2DMaskedSymMatrix, teem::nrrdKind2DMatrix, teem::nrrdKind2DSymMatrix, teem::nrrdKind2Vector, teem::nrrdKind3Color, teem::nrrdKind3DMaskedSymMatrix, teem::nrrdKind3DMatrix, teem::nrrdKind3DSymMatrix, teem::nrrdKind3Gradient, teem::nrrdKind3Normal, teem::nrrdKind3Vector, teem::nrrdKind4Color, teem::nrrdKind4Vector, teem::nrrdKindComplex, teem::nrrdKindCovariantVector, teem::nrrdKindDomain, teem::nrrdKindHSVColor, teem::nrrdKindList, teem::nrrdKindNormal, teem::nrrdKindPoint, teem::nrrdKindQuaternion, teem::nrrdKindRGBAColor, teem::nrrdKindRGBColor, teem::nrrdKindScalar, teem::nrrdKindSpace, teem::nrrdKindStub, teem::nrrdKindTime, teem::nrrdKindVector, teem::nrrdKindXYZColor, teem::nrrdLoad, teem::nrrdNew, teem::nrrdNuke, teem::nrrdOriginCalculate, teem::nrrdOriginStatusDirection, teem::nrrdOriginStatusNoMaxOrSpacing, teem::nrrdOriginStatusNoMin, teem::nrrdOriginStatusOkay, teem::nrrdOriginStatusUnknown, teem::nrrdRangeAxesGet, teem::nrrdSpace, teem::nrrdSpaceLeftAnteriorSuperior, teem::nrrdSpaceLeftPosteriorSuperior, teem::nrrdSpaceRightAnteriorSuperior, teem::nrrdSpacingCalculate, teem::nrrdSpacingStatusDirection, teem::nrrdSpacingStatusNone, teem::nrrdSpacingStatusScalarNoSpace, teem::nrrdSpacingStatusScalarWithSpace, teem::nrrdSpacingStatusUnknown, NrrdToVTKScalarType(), teem::nrrdTypeBlock, NRRDWorldToRasMatrix, RasToIjkMatrix, ReadStatus, SCALARS, slicerget::size, TENSORS, UseNativeOrigin, ModifyHeader::val, VECTORS, and vtkFloatingPointType.

Referenced by AllocateOutputData(), GetMeasurementFrameMatrix(), and GetRasToIjkMatrix().

virtual const char* vtkNRRDReader::GetDescriptiveName (  )  [inline, virtual]

A descriptive name for this format

virtual const char* vtkNRRDReader::GetFileExtensions (  )  [inline, virtual]

Valid extentsions

char * vtkNRRDReader::GetHeaderKeys (  ) 

Get a space separated list of all keys in the header the string is allocated and deleted in this object

References HeaderKeys, HeaderKeyValue, and ipTk::s.

Referenced by vtkMRMLNRRDStorageNode::ParseDiffusionInformation().

const char * vtkNRRDReader::GetHeaderValue ( const char key  ) 

Get a value given a key in the header

References HeaderKeyValue.

Referenced by vtkMRMLNRRDStorageNode::ParseDiffusionInformation().

vtkMatrix4x4 * vtkNRRDReader::GetMeasurementFrameMatrix (  ) 

Returns the measurement frame matrix used for tensor valued data.

References ExecuteInformation(), and MeasurementFrameMatrix.

vtkMatrix4x4 * vtkNRRDReader::GetRasToIjkMatrix (  ) 

Returns a IJK to RAS transformation matrix

References ExecuteInformation(), and RasToIjkMatrix.

Referenced by main(), and tgReadVolume().

static vtkNRRDReader* vtkNRRDReader::New (  )  [static]
int vtkNRRDReader::NrrdToVTKScalarType ( const int  nrrdPixelType  )  const [inline]
void vtkNRRDReader::operator= ( const vtkNRRDReader  )  [private]

Not implemented.

void vtkNRRDReader::PrintSelf ( ostream &  os,
vtkIndent  indent 
) [virtual]
void vtkNRRDReader::SetUseNativeOriginOff (  )  [inline]

Use image center as origin

void vtkNRRDReader::SetUseNativeOriginOn (  )  [inline]

Use image origin from the file

int vtkNRRDReader::tenSpaceDirectionReduce ( Nrrd *  nout,
const Nrrd *  nin,
double  SD[9] 
) [protected]
vtkNRRDReader::vtkGetMacro ( NumberOfComponents  ,
vtkNRRDReader::vtkGetMacro ( DataType  ,
vtkNRRDReader::vtkGetMacro ( PointDataType  ,
vtkNRRDReader::vtkGetMacro ( ReadStatus  ,

Report the status of the reading process. If this is different than zero, there have been some error parsing the complete header information.

vtkNRRDReader::vtkSetMacro ( NumberOfComponents  ,
vtkNRRDReader::vtkSetMacro ( DataType  ,

Set the data type: int, float....

vtkNRRDReader::vtkSetMacro ( PointDataType  ,

Point data field type

int vtkNRRDReader::VTKToNrrdPixelType ( const int  vtkPixelType  )  const [inline]

case nrrdTypeLLong: return LONG ; break; case nrrdTypeULong: return ULONG; break;

References teem::nrrdTypeChar, teem::nrrdTypeDefault, teem::nrrdTypeDouble, teem::nrrdTypeFloat, teem::nrrdTypeInt, teem::nrrdTypeShort, teem::nrrdTypeUChar, teem::nrrdTypeUInt, and teem::nrrdTypeUShort.

vtkNRRDReader::vtkTypeRevisionMacro ( vtkNRRDReader  ,

Member Data Documentation

std::map<std::string, std::string> vtkNRRDReader::HeaderKeyValue [protected]
vtkMatrix4x4* vtkNRRDReader::MeasurementFrameMatrix [protected]
Nrrd* vtkNRRDReader::nrrd [protected]
vtkMatrix4x4* vtkNRRDReader::NRRDWorldToRasMatrix [protected]

Referenced by AllocatePointData(), and ExecuteData().

vtkMatrix4x4* vtkNRRDReader::RasToIjkMatrix [protected]

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