vtkPETCTFusionLogic Class Reference

#include <vtkPETCTFusionLogic.h>

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vtkSlicerModuleLogic vtkSlicerLogic vtkObject

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Public Member Functions

void ClearLongitudinalPlot ()
void ClearStudyDate ()
virtual void ComputePercentChange ()
virtual void ComputeSUV ()
virtual void ComputeSUVmax ()
double ConvertImageUnitsToSUVUnits (double voxValue)
virtual double ConvertRadioactivityUnits (double count, const char *fromunits, const char *tounits)
double ConvertSUVUnitsToImageUnits (double suvValue)
double ConvertTimeToSeconds (const char *time)
virtual double ConvertWeightUnits (double count, const char *fromunits, const char *tounits)
double DecayCorrection (double inval)
virtual void Enter ()
virtual void Exit ()
virtual int GetParametersFromDICOMHeader (const char *path)
virtual vtkIntArray * NewObservableEvents ()
 Additional functionality:.
void PrintSelf (ostream &os, vtkIndent indent)
void SetAndObservePETCTFusionNode (vtkMRMLPETCTFusionNode *n)
virtual void SetAndScaleLUT ()
void ShowLongitudinalPlot ()
double UndoDecayCorrection (double inval)
 vtkGetMacro (NumberOfVOIs, int)
 vtkGetObjectMacro (Plots, vtkPETCTFusionPlots)
 vtkGetObjectMacro (PETCTFusionNode, vtkMRMLPETCTFusionNode)
 vtkSetObjectMacro (PETCTFusionNode, vtkMRMLPETCTFusionNode)
 vtkTypeMacro (vtkPETCTFusionLogic, vtkSlicerModuleLogic)

Static Public Member Functions

static vtkPETCTFusionLogicNew ()
 The Usual vtk class functions.

Protected Member Functions

void operator= (const vtkPETCTFusionLogic &)
 vtkPETCTFusionLogic (const vtkPETCTFusionLogic &)
 vtkPETCTFusionLogic ()
 ~vtkPETCTFusionLogic ()

Protected Attributes

int Day
int Month
int NumberOfVOIs
bool Raised
bool Visited
int Year

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vtkPETCTFusionLogic::vtkPETCTFusionLogic (  )  [protected]
vtkPETCTFusionLogic::~vtkPETCTFusionLogic (  )  [protected]
vtkPETCTFusionLogic::vtkPETCTFusionLogic ( const vtkPETCTFusionLogic  )  [protected]

Member Function Documentation

void vtkPETCTFusionLogic::ClearLongitudinalPlot (  ) 
void vtkPETCTFusionLogic::ClearStudyDate (  ) 

References Day, Month, and Year.

Referenced by GetParametersFromDICOMHeader(), and ~vtkPETCTFusionLogic().

void vtkPETCTFusionLogic::ComputePercentChange (  )  [virtual]
void vtkPETCTFusionLogic::ComputeSUV (  )  [virtual]
void vtkPETCTFusionLogic::ComputeSUVmax (  )  [virtual]
double vtkPETCTFusionLogic::ConvertImageUnitsToSUVUnits ( double  voxValue  ) 
double vtkPETCTFusionLogic::ConvertRadioactivityUnits ( double  count,
const char fromunits,
const char tounits 
) [virtual]
double vtkPETCTFusionLogic::ConvertSUVUnitsToImageUnits ( double  suvValue  ) 
double vtkPETCTFusionLogic::ConvertTimeToSeconds ( const char time  ) 
double vtkPETCTFusionLogic::ConvertWeightUnits ( double  count,
const char fromunits,
const char tounits 
) [virtual]
double vtkPETCTFusionLogic::DecayCorrection ( double  inval  ) 
void vtkPETCTFusionLogic::Enter ( void   )  [virtual]
void vtkPETCTFusionLogic::Exit ( void   )  [virtual]

References Raised.

Referenced by vtkPETCTFusionGUI::Exit().

int vtkPETCTFusionLogic::GetParametersFromDICOMHeader ( const char path  )  [virtual]
vtkPETCTFusionLogic * vtkPETCTFusionLogic::New (  )  [static]

The Usual vtk class functions.

Reimplemented from vtkSlicerModuleLogic.

References autoSlicerTracto2regions::ret.

Referenced by ComputeSUV(), GetParametersFromDICOMHeader(), and NewObservableEvents().

vtkIntArray * vtkPETCTFusionLogic::NewObservableEvents (  )  [virtual]

Additional functionality:.

Overload in modules that observe events, used during Loadable Module discovery. CLIENT MUST DELETE!

Reimplemented from vtkSlicerLogic.

References New(), vtkMRMLScene::NodeAddedEvent, and Visited.

Referenced by Enter().

void vtkPETCTFusionLogic::operator= ( const vtkPETCTFusionLogic  )  [protected]

Reimplemented from vtkSlicerModuleLogic.

void vtkPETCTFusionLogic::PrintSelf ( ostream &  os,
vtkIndent  indent 

Reimplemented from vtkSlicerModuleLogic.

void vtkPETCTFusionLogic::SetAndObservePETCTFusionNode ( vtkMRMLPETCTFusionNode n  )  [inline]
void vtkPETCTFusionLogic::SetAndScaleLUT (  )  [virtual]
void vtkPETCTFusionLogic::ShowLongitudinalPlot (  ) 
double vtkPETCTFusionLogic::UndoDecayCorrection ( double  inval  ) 
vtkPETCTFusionLogic::vtkGetMacro ( NumberOfVOIs  ,
vtkPETCTFusionLogic::vtkGetObjectMacro ( Plots  ,
vtkPETCTFusionLogic::vtkGetObjectMacro ( PETCTFusionNode  ,
vtkPETCTFusionLogic::vtkSetObjectMacro ( PETCTFusionNode  ,
vtkPETCTFusionLogic::vtkTypeMacro ( vtkPETCTFusionLogic  ,

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by ComputeSUV(), and vtkPETCTFusionLogic().

Referenced by Enter(), and Exit().

Referenced by Enter(), and NewObservableEvents().

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