vtkPreciseHyperStreamline.h File Reference

#include "vtkTeemConfigure.h"
#include "vtkDataSetToPolyDataFilter.h"
#include "vtkInitialValueProblemSolver.h"

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class  vtkPreciseHyperStreamline


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vtkPreciseHyperStreamline - generate hyperstreamline in arbitrary dataset

vtkPreciseHyperStreamline is a filter that integrates through a tensor field to generate a hyperstreamline. The integration is along the maximum eigenvector and the cross section of the hyperstreamline is defined by the two other eigenvectors. Thus the shape of the hyperstreamline is "tube-like", with the cross section being elliptical. PreciseHyperstreamlines are used to visualize tensor fields. The starting point of a hyperstreamline can be defined in one of two ways. First, you may specify an initial position. This is a x-y-z global coordinate. The second option is to specify a starting location. This is cellId, subId, and cell parametric coordinates. The integration of the hyperstreamline occurs through the major eigenvector field. IntegrationStepLength controls the step length within each cell (i.e., this is the fraction of the cell length). The length of the hyperstreamline is controlled by MaximumPropagationDistance. This parameter is the length of the hyperstreamline in units of distance. The tube itself is composed of many small sub-tubes - NumberOfSides controls the number of sides in the tube, and StepLength controls the length of the sub-tubes. Because hyperstreamlines are often created near regions of singularities, it is possible to control the scaling of the tube cross section by using a logarithmic scale. Use LogScalingOn to turn this capability on. The Radius value controls the initial radius of the tube. .SECTION See Also vtkTensorGlyph vtkStreamer

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