2011 Winter Project Week:Dashboards Factory machine subprojects and CDashAtHome


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Key Investigators

  • Kitware: David Partyka, Zack Galbreth, JC, Zach Mullen, Stephen Aylward
  • SPL: Steve Pieper


Introduce the Slicer community to several new software process tools.

  • CDash@Home and it's availability on Factory.
  • New SubProjects Dasbhoard.

Approach, Plan

  • CDash@Home is a new technology now available to Slicer developers allowing them to trigger builds of Slicer on each of Mac, Windows and Linux remotely before checking their code into the main repository. This should help the Slicer community improve the quality of the code checked into Slicer as well as allow developers to offload testing their code onto the Factory machines on demand.
  • SubProjects is a new CDash feature that allows us to granualize the components of Slicer at the Dashboard level allowing one to see exactly how a particular commit affects the different components of Slicer, from build errors and warnings down to coverage and valgrind results. Utilizing Subprojects Slicer should be able to easily detect deficiencies and also improve accountability.


Delivery Mechanism

This work will be incorporated into Slicer.

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