Statistical analysis of WM tracts generated by Tractography and Volumetric framework


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Key Investigators

  • Utah: Gopal Veni, Ross Whitaker


  • To work on statistical analysis of various fiber tracks that have been generated using Tractography and Volumetric framework.
  • To explore DTI analysis tools like DTIprep and Slicer that can be helpful in improving DTI Atlas building.

Approach, Plan

  • Principal Component Regression (PCR) will be used to study group differences between gender.
  • Along tracts, Nonparametric P-tests are to be tried to study the localized changes with respect to age.
  • meet with respective people to learn various DTI analysis tools.


  • Fiber tracts including Genu, Splenium, SLF, ILF, Uncinate and Cingulum have been extracted using Tractography and Vol. framework. Moreover, using tractography, scalar measures like FA, MD and etc., have been computed along the tracts.
  • Nonparametric P-tests are done along the obtained tracts to study their local trends against age.
  • PCR has been carried out on tractographic results to study gender differences (final results still need to be evaluated).
  • Discussed few problems related to DTIPrep and also on statistical analysis of fiber tracks with the respective parties.

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