2006 IGT Workshop Attendee List

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2006 IGT Workshop Attendee List

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List of Attendees

In adding your information, please select from the following breakout sessions:

  1. Ferenc Jolesz, Brigham and Women's Hospital, jolesz at bwh.harvard.edu
  2. Ron Kikinis, Brigham and Women's Hospital, kikinis at bwh.harvard.edu
  3. ROBOT Kevin Cleary, Georgetown University, cleary at georgetown.edu
  4. ROBOT Peter Kazanzides, Johns Hopkins, pkaz at jhu.edu
  5. VALIDATION Keyvan Farhani, NIH, farhank at mail.nih.gov
  6. VALIDATION Bill Lorensen, GE Global Research, lorensen at crd.ge.com
  7. WORKFLOW Stephen Aylward, Stephen.Aylward at Kitware.com
  8. WORKFLOW Randy Ellis, Brigham and Women's Hospital, ellis at bwh.harvard.edu
  9. Steve Pizer, UNC, pizer at cs.unc.edu
  10. Terry Peters, Robart, Terry Peters tpeters at imaging.robarts.ca
  11. Bob Galloway bob.galloway at vanderbilt.edu
  12. Jim Duncan duncan at begrow.med.yale.edu
  13. Terry Yoo yoo at nlm.nih.gov
  14. ROBOT Gabor Fichtinger gabor at cs.jhu.edu
  15. Heinz Lemke hulemke at cars-int.org
  16. John Haller hallerj at mail.nih.gov
  17. VALIDATION Kirby Vosburgh, kvosburgh at partners.org
  18. ROBOT John Kroon, ImageGuide, johnkroon@earthlink.net
  19. ROBOT Noby Hata, Brigham and Women's Hospital, hata at bwh.harvard.edu
  20. TRACKING Simon DiMaio, Brigham and Women's Hospital, simond at bwh.harvard.edu
  21. TRACKING Eigil Samset, Brigham and Women's Hospital samset at bwh.harvard.edu
  22. TRACKING Tina Kapur, Brigham and Women's Hospital, tkapur at bwh.harvard.edu
  23. RAD Clare Tempany, Brigham and Women's Hospital, ctempany at bwh.harvard.edu
  24. Scott Hoge shoge at bwh.harvard.edu
  25. RAD Ed Chaney, University of North Carolina, chaney at med.unc.edu
  26. RAD Clif Burdette, Acoustic Med, clifb at acousticmed.com
  27. WORKFLOW Guy Shechter, Philips Research, guy dot shechter at philips.com
  28. VALIDATION Laurence Clarke, NIH/NCI, lclarke at mail.nih.gov
  29. WORKFLOW Steve Pieper, Isomics Inc, pieper at bwh.harvard.edu
  30. WORKFLOW Haying Liu, hliu at bwh.harvard.edu
  31. WORKFLOW Clemens Bulitta, Siemens Medical Solutions, clemens.bulitta@siemens.com
  32. TRACKING Sven Flossmann, BrainLAB AG, sven.flossmann@brainlab.com
  33. WORKFLOW David Gustafson, Abla-Tx inc., dgustafson@abla-tx.com
  34. WORKFLOW Desikachari Nadadur, Abla-Tx inc., dnadadur@abla-tx.com
  35. WORKFLOW Ali Khamene, Siemens Corporate Research, ali.khamene@siemens.com
  36. WORKFLOW Luc Bidaut, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, lbidaut at mdanderson.org
  37. TRACKING Chris nafis, GE Global Research, nafis at crd.ge.com
  38. TRACKING Xenios Papademetris, Yale University, xenophon.papademetris@yale.edu
  39. TRACKING David Gobbi, Atamai Inc., dgobbi@atamai.com
  40. TRACKING Ziv Yaniv, Georgetown University, zivy at isis.georgetown.edu
  41. TRACKING Steve Hartmann, Medtronic Navigation, steve.hartmann at medtronic.com
  42. TRACKING Joel Zuhars, GE Healthcare, joel.zuhars at med.ge.com
  43. VALIDATION Michael T. Brown, GE Global Research, brownmt@research.ge.com
  44. VALIDATION David Holmes III, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, holmes.david3@mayo.edu
  45. WORKFLOW Zohara Cohen, NIH/NIBIB, zcohen@mail.nih.gov
  46. TRACKING Dan Groszmann, GE Healthcare, daniel.groszmann@med.ge.com
  47. TRACKING Antony Hodgson, University of British Columbia, ahodgson@mech.ubc.ca
  48. TRACKING Jeff Biegus, NDI, jbiegus@ndigital.com
  49. TRACKING Jeff Stanley, NDI, jstanley@ndigital.com
  50. WORKFLOW Cynthia Landberg, GE Global Research, landberg@research.ge.com
  51. Grace Peng, NIH/NIBIB, penggr@mail.nih.gov
  52. Ram D. Sriram, NIST, sriram@nist.gov
  53. WORKFLOW Purang Abolmaesumi, Queen's University, purang@cs.queensu.ca
  54. WORKFLOW Andinet Enquobahrie, Kitware Inc., andinet.enqu at kitware.com
  55. ROBOT Chris Hasser, Intuitive Surgical, Inc., chris.hasser@intusurg.com
  56. TRACKING Jochen Kruecker, Philips Research, jochen.kruecker@philips.com
  57. Debbie Begley, Brigham and Women's Hospital, djo at bwh.harvard.edu
  58. Katie Mastrogiacomo, Brigham and Women's Hospital, kmast at bwh.harvard.edu
  59. TRACKING Chuck Stevens, Ascension Technology Corp., cstevens@ascension-tech.com
  60. TRACKING Eric Shen, Philips Research, e dot shen at philips.com
  61. WORKFLOW Patrick Cheng, Georgetown University, cheng at isis.georgetown.edu
  62. WORKFLOW Marcin Kociolek, NIST, marcin@cme.nist.gov
  63. Abraham Levy, NCRR, levyabra at mail.nih.gov
  64. Hector Lopez, NIBIB, lopezh at mail.nih.gov
  65. WORKFLOW Arnon Amir, IBM Research, San Jose, CA, arnon@almaden.ibm.com
  66. ROBOT Dwight Yen, Food and Drug Admin, dwight.yen@fda.hhs.gov