2007-01-16 Core 5, Core 6 Summit

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  • Who: Steve, Randy, Tina, Sonia
  • What:
    • Review AHM new requirements
    • Plan plan for delivery of OHBM 2007 Workshop
  1. Agenda refined to reflect likely faculty and plans to support either Slicer 2.6 or Slicer 3 training depending on readiness of Slicer 3 for open dissemination in June 2007.
  2. Calendar made for sequential testing of Slicer 3 modules and development of training materials Calendar.Slicer3.TrainingMaterials
    • Plan for Stanford Developers Workshop- TBD possibly March 15

Steve Pieper to be in contact with Sandy Napel to determine feasibility. If it can happen, core 2 and Core 6 will implement.

    • Plan for possible MICCAI workshop

Agreement among Core 5 and 6 faculty to provide this workshop. Draft agenda on wiki for group editting here MICCAI2007_ITK.Slicer3.ProgrammersTutorial. Steve Pieper to complete submission process once complete.

  • Where: 1249 Boylston
  • When: noon to 3, Tuesday January 16 2007

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