2007-01-16 Core 5, Core 6 Summit

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Who: Steve, Randy, Tina, Sonia Where: 1249 Boylston When: noon to 3, Tuesday January 16 2007


1) Review AHM generated new training requirements

--No additional requirements were generated beyond the work outlined below. Randy will invite the new DPB PI, Heather Cody to attend OHBM workshop.

2) Plan for delivery of June 9, 2007, OHBM DTI Training Workshop, Chicago -- Agenda for meeting on wiki edited to reflect likely faculty availability and flexible plans to support either Slicer 2.6 or Slicer 3 training depending on readiness of Slicer 3 for open dissemination in June 2007. To be vetted with other Core 5 faculty. This discussion prompted a clarification of priorities for Slicer 3 development and training material development as outlined in this Calendar Calendar.Slicer3.TrainingMaterials

3) Plan for Stanford Developers Workshop- TBD possibly March 15 this idea is supported by Core 5 and Core 6 faculty. Steve Pieper to be in contact with Sandy Napel to determine feasibility. If it can happen, Core 2 and Core 6 will implement.

4) Plan for possible MICCAI workshop Agreement among Core 5 and 6 faculty to provide this workshop. Draft agenda on wiki for group editting here MICCAI2007_ITK.Slicer3.ProgrammersTutorial. Steve Pieper to complete submission process once complete.

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