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* [http://www.python.org]
* [http://www.python.org www.python.org]

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Key Investigators

  • Luca Antiga
  • Dan Blezek
  • Mike Halle
  • Steve Piper
  • Demian Wasserman


To finalize the use of Python within Slicer for command-line modules, scripted modules and meta-modules (or module chaining). The main rework is needed for scripted modules.

Approach, Plan

The plan for the project week is to get the status of Python within Slicer ready for release. This will involve some general code review and some rework on Python Scripted Module infrastructure.


During the January 2008 project week, within Python Support in Slicer 3, preliminary Python support for Numpy/Scipy, command line modules (executed in the main thread), calling of all registered modules from Python and scripted modules have been added.