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Key Investigators

  • MIT: Bryce Kim, Polina Golland
  • BWH: Jungsu Oh, Marek Kubicki


Our objective is to study functional connectivity of schizophrenia patients versus normal with unsupervised data-driven analysis methods, such as ICA and clustering.

Approach, Plan

Our approach for investigating functional connectivity of schizophrenia patients is to apply probabilistic independent component analysis (PICA) and clustering based on Gaussian mixture model (GMM).

Our plan for the project week is to first run such data-driven analysis methods on the data and then perform group analysis. We will also compare the results between PICA and GMM and investigate the factors that contribute to the differences.


We have applied standard fMRI preprocessing steps on the data and regressed out the effects of white matter and ventricles. We have also customized PICA and GMM tools for our analysis purpose and obtained some preliminary results.

During the project week, we completed applying PICA to both individual subjects and group analysis. We plan to discuss the results with the clinicians soon.


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