2008 Winter Project Week EM Segmenter User Group

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Lead: Brad Davis, Kitware

Please join us for the Slicer3 EMSegmenter break-out session on Monday, January 7th from 4-5pm---and don't forget to bring your data!

We will demonstrate the use of the EMSegmenter for the segmentation of white matter, grey matter, and CSF from pairs of T1 and T2 MR images. Topics will include:

  • New features such as registration, one-click interface, and batch processing
  • How to segment a new pair of images?
  • How to start adapting the parameters for new structures?
  • How to create and use a new atlas?

You are encouraged to bring your own data to segment during the week. Don't feel limited to MR brain data---the algorithm has been adapted to a number of different anatomical structures. It will work best if you can provide a probabilistic atlas with your data (a manual segmentation of a similar image will do).

Primary Objectives:

  • Show how to adapt the EMSegmenter Tutorial parameter set to new images
  • Gather user feedback for bug reports and new features
  • Answer questions about the EMSegmenter

Specific Questions:

Are there topics that you would like addressed at this session? Post them here:

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