2009 Winter Project Week Event Broker

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Key Investigators

  • Jim Miller
  • Steve Pieper


Slicer3 has adopted an Event-Based architecture which allows modularity and extension of the core functionality. The implementation is based on the mechanisms included in VTK. To help developers manage the application-scale use of this apprach, an extra layer of data structures is included that supports introspection, logging, and event stream optimization (see the Event Broker link below).

Large parts of the Slicer3 code base have been migrated to use the EventBroker functionality, but many parts of the code still directly create observers using the native VTK mechanisms. Our goal is to migrate most or all of the code so that event related bugs are easier to identify and eliminate. This should also improve overall application performance.

Approach, Plan

  • Identify any missing features, bugs or inefficiencies in the current EventBroker.
  • Find the "recipe" for converting code.
  • Apply to as much code as possible and/or make plans for future conversion.



Event Broker page on slicer wiki