2009 Winter Project Week NAVRFA

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Key Investigators

  • Georgetown: Kevin Cleary, Ziv Yaniv
  • BWH: Noby Hata


Develop an initial worklow based interface for guidance during Liver RFA.

Approach, Plan

Use a workflow based on existing Slicer modules for segmentation and registration and implement modules specific to the optimal planning and guidance.


Basic OpenIGTLink client program capable of broadcasting data from all IGSTK trackers is currently in IGSTK cvs. Georgetown will rework the program so that it deals with the use of a dynamic reference frame (which can then be ignored on the Slicer side), and switch from a command line based program to a GUI based one. BWH is currently developing the workflow based on the agreed specifications (posted on project wiki page).


  • "Electromagnetic Tracking in the Clinical Environment", Z. Yaniv, E. Wilson, D. Lindisch, K. Cleary, Med. Phys, accepted for publication.
  • "Interfacing Proprietary Hardware with the Image-Guided Surgery Toolkit (IGSTK): a Case for the OpenIGTLink Protocol", S. Ordas, Z. Yaniv, P. Cheng, J. Tokuda, H. Liu, N. Hata, K. Cleary, to appear SPIE Medical Imaging 2009.