2009 Winter Project Week Python

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Key Investigators

  • Luca Antiga (Medical Imaging Unit, Biomedical Engineering Department, Mario Negri Institute)
  • Steve Piper (Isomics)


To finalize the implementation of the Slicer Python interface and solve packaging problems linked to Scipy.

Approach, Plan

The Slicer Python interface now works well for both non-interactive and interactive modules. A few improvements are still needed, namely

- calling VTK static methods - e.g. slicer.vtkMath.Norm(v)

- handling modified arguments - e.g. slicer.vtkMath::Normalize(v)

- defining methods with the exact number of arguments (now it's not constrained, so if it's wrong Tcl complains) - this will require a patch on the VTK Tcl wrappers

- fix a memory leak associated with Python scripted modules

- review the Slicer Python to Numpy code and eventually extend it to handle more general image or data types

As for packaging problems, testing will have to be performed on several architectures.