2009 Winter Project Week Python

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Key Investigators

  • Luca Antiga (Mario Negri Institute)
  • Steve Piper (Isomics)
  • Demian Wasserman (INRIA)


To finalize the implementation of the Slicer Python interface and solve packaging problems linked to Scipy.

Approach, Plan

The Slicer Python interface now works well for both non-interactive and interactive modules.

Interface has to be stabilized, and it is still lacking setting custom observers to vtkObject.

Documentation has to be improved.

Packaging Scipy is currently a problem.


The Python interface is being adopted by several groups, both for command-line and interactive modules. The Numpy interface works well.

A AddObserver method has been added to the wrapped vtkObject that accepts callbacks written in Python.

The Python breakout session has illustrated the ways Python can be used in Slicer and the ways users can implement their own modules. Slides will be on the wiki in a few days.

A --evalpython option has been added to the Slicer3 executable in order to run Python code in Slicer without starting the GUI (for batch processing)

Packaging problems have been