2010 Slicer36 Module Cull

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  • This is a review session which is open to all Slicer developers and the project leadership.
  • see the 3.6 release schedule for reference
  • Call-in will be available
  • We will begin the session in 1249 Boylston St. at 11am EST on Thursday 4/29.
  • We will review the documentation and status of module candidates for Slicer 3.6
  • Slicer 3.6 modules which are distributed as part of the Slicer download are expected to have the following:
    • In-module help and acknowledgment
    • Documentation on the Slicer wiki
    • Test coverage (as possible, we currently do not have automated testing for gui interactions)
    • Coverage in tutorials (where it makes sense)
  • Extensions for Slicer 3.6:
    • In-module help and acknowledgment are mandatory
    • documentation on the Slicer wiki (see above) is strongly suggested
    • the remainder up to the contributors, we will grade the extensions

Repository of grading for 3.6 modules and extensions

See here for the 3.6 QA table.