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Slicer registration infrastructure

Key Investigators

  • Kitware: Casey Goodlett
  • BWH: Dominik Meier, Ron Kikinis


This project aims to provide the infrastructure necessary for robust interactive registration in Slicer.

We also have a Registration Breakout Session on Tuesday 1-2pm (Amethyst Room). If registration is on your processing list, please drop in, have a look at what's new, and share your thoughts.

A new robust affine registration is also under development named RegisterImagesMultiRes. Feedback on this module would be appreciated to facilitate development.

Approach, Plan

An experimental module RegisterImagesMultiRes is in development with the aim of providing robust linear registration.


  • RegisterImagesMultiRes in Slicer

Progress: Infrastructure

  • Preset MRML
  • Feedback on RegisterImagesMultiRes
  • Improvement of parameters UI
  • Brainstorm on Wizard
  • Reorganize Wiki documentation