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Image:PW-MIT2011.png|[[2011_Summer_Project_Week#Projects|Projects List]]
Image:PW-MIT2011.png|[[2011_Summer_Project_Week#Projects|Projects List]]
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Dicom To NRRD Converter

Key Investigators

  • GE Research: Xiaodong Tao
  • UIowa: Mark Scully


  • Refactoring the DWI DicomToNrrdConverter using GDCM 2.x.

By separating the big (and only) .cxx file into multiple small classes that handle one type of data each, the maintainability of the entire code will be greatly improved. And the program can easily be extended into new vendor's format and new data types (for example, time series).

Approach, Plan

  • Separate code for supporting different DICOM format from various vendors into individual classes.
  • As a project week activity, we will code up the base class and implementation for one vendor format.
  • The interface visible to the users (the driver program) will be keep unchanged.



Delivery Mechanism

This work will be delivered to the NAMIC Kit as a command line module.