2011 Winter Project Week:ExtendSEMXml

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Key Investigators

  • UIowa: Hans Johnson
  • BWH: Andriy Fedorov


Discuss the directions for extending the existing SEM XML in order to increase its flexibility and improve documentation. Extend SEM xml to include sections for explicit grant acknowledgements, pointers to documentation, and pointers to examples.

Approach, Plan


  • Discussed implementing GUI support for image lists in CLI programs with Jim.
  • Possible items to be included to the XML description (need to discuss):
    • explicit grant acknowledgments (linked to NIH Reporter grant summary?)
    • publications that could be acknowledged when the module is used in a paper (links to Pubmed record?)
    • acknowledgement of the different developer groups: primary developers vs bug fixers
    • links to examples: does it make sense to have functionality that would download input data and initialize the parameters?
    • functionality is applicable beyond SEM -- same applies to documenting GUI modules -- discuss with Slicer4 developers?
    • DominikMeier@home: can we simplify "problem" reporting? e.g., if there is a problem setting the parameters for a certain data, submit the scene/parameters/data to Mantis or some other storage automatically -- sort of automatic submission of problematic cases to Dominik's registration library? (integration through public XNAT project in the future?)