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Current GUI

  • Current GUI (as of Slicer 4.0.1)

Possible Changes

  • Move the Module selector from the toolbar to the "Module panel"
    • Motivations
      • Saves horizontal space in the toolbar
      • Visually links the module selector with the module panel
      • Possibility to save some screen real estate
        • By reusing the empty module panel dock title
        • By moving the Slicer logo
      • Allows multiple module panels open at the same time (1 module selector per module panel).
    • Suggestion 1


  • Suggestion 1 as applied to the Annotation Module
    • The Module selector moved into the module title bar
    • Shouldn't the name of the module appear in the module title bar instead?
    • How about changing the behavior of the module selector pull-down, to show the name of current module by default?

Controlling Linking

  • insert into the viewer controller module.
  • The module has a pull down with available presets. One of the pull down selection items is create a new preset.
  • popup window with a clickable table like in the mock up.

Mock up of a panel to modify linking behavior

See also Jim's analysis on the slicer wiki