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Image:SlicerRT_Architecture.png|Architecture overview of SlicerRT
Image:SlicerRT_Architecture.png|Architecture overview of SlicerRT
Image:SlicerRt0.3_Screenshot_DVH_HeadNeck.png|Dose Volume Histogram module
Image:SlicerRt0.3_Screenshot_DVH_HeadNeck.png|Dose Volume Histogram module
Image:SlicerRT_DoseComparison_Screenshot.png|Dose Comparison module
Image:SlicerRT_DoseComparison_Screenshot.png|<b>Result: </b>Dose Comparison module
Image:VtkMRMLChartView_LinePattern_Screenshot.png|Line patterns in chart view
Image:VtkMRMLChartView_LinePattern_Screenshot.png|<b>Result: </b>Line patterns in chart view

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SlicerRT (https://www.assembla.com/spaces/slicerrt) is a project for making 3D Slicer a powerful common open-source platform for radiotherapy research. Several tools has been already developed, such as DICOM-RT import, Dose Volume Histogram, and Dose Accumulation. During this project week all existing functionalities will be converted to regular Slicer extensions and some new functionalities will be developed.

Key Investigators

  • Queen's University: Andras Lasso, Csaba Pinter
  • Toronto UHN: Kevin Wang
  • MGH: Greg Sharp


  • Make available all SlicerRT functionalities as regular extensions (requires DCMTK with DCMRT extension)
  • Integrate gamma value computation algorithm from the Plastimatch library

Approach, Plan

  • Integrate CTK changes into the CTK trunk
  • Integrate CTK and Slicer core fixes
  • Add extension s4ext files to core, make sure all tests pass


  • Gamma value computation algorithm integrated into SlicerRT in the form of the Dose Comparison loadable module (see screenshot)
  • Line patterns in chart view: solid, dashed, dotted, dashed-dotted (see screenshot)

Detailed plan

  • Gamma computation with Plastimatch => Csaba
  • DVH plot line type => Csaba
  • Isodose contour display module => Kevin
  • Make all SlicerRT functionalities available as standard extensions
  • Metadata preservation => Andras

Delivery Mechanism

This work will be delivered to the NA-MIC Kit as a Slicer loadable module. The source code is available in the following locations: