2013 Project Week:UnitedSlicerIGTExtension

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Key Investigators

  • Queen's: Adam Rankin
  • Queen's: Tamas Ungi
  • BWH: Junichi Tokuda


The goal is to create a common repository (on github) for IGT modules. They will be organized into extensions based on use cases. Two main repositories will be migrated to here, the VolumeResliceDriver extension, and the PerkNav extension. The united repository will allow better development management, and will represent collaboration.

Approach, Plan

  • Create the SlicerIGT repository on github, and migrate source code there.
  • Migrate existing Wiki documentation to the new repository.
  • Document use-cases and come with plan for one or more extensions.
  • Create a nice, static webpage for the general public.
  • Write tests and tutorials for the available extensions.


  • Repositories created for: each module, superbuild, documentation, supplemental data
  • Webpage created using github generator: slicerigt.github.com
  • Superbuild CMake created based on SlicerRT/Plus superbuilds

Delivery Mechanism

This work will be delivered as an extension from the extension manager, and a public web page.