2013 Project Week Breakout Session: IGT

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Discussion Topics

  1. New features of PLUS 2.0 available from Slicer (Adam/Andras)
  2. How to integrate tracked ultrasound calibration in a sterile OR workflow (Tamas, Tina)
  3. NAC/NCIGT Collaboration: Intra-procedural image analysis and CaseHub (Steve, Jim)
  4. How should be modules organized under IGT? - Is there a need for a collective SlicerIGT extension? (Tamas)
  5. "Replay" capability for procedures run with Slicer. The questions is basically the capacity of Slicer4 with Plus to enable us to replay real time guidance (minimum of 20Hz for 30 minutes). If No, can Plus platform be extended? (Kirby)
  6. What would be a useful ultrasound guided surgery phantom? (AAPM working group) (Kirby)