2013 Summer Project Week:Fibrosis analysis

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Key Investigators

  • UAB: Arie Nakhmani, LiangJia Zhu, Allen Tannenbaum
  • BWH: Yi Gao, Ron Kikinis
  • Utah: Rob MacLeod, Josh Cates


Approach, Plan


Delivery Mechanism

This work will be delivered to the NA-MIC Kit as a loadable Commandline extension and an Editor effect.


  • A. Nakhmani, A. Tannenbaum, "Tracking with Adaptive Sobolev Snakes." Submitted to

IEEE Transactions on Image Processing.

  • A. Nakhmani, A. Tannenbaum, "Self-Crossing Detection and Location for Parametric

Active Contours," IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, DOI:10.1109/TIP.2012.2188808, Volume 21, Issue 7, pp. 3150-3156, July 2012.