2013 Summer Project Week:Left Ventricle Motion Analysis using Tagged MRI

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Key Investigators

  • Rutgers: Yang Yu, Shaoting Zhang, Dimitris Metaxas
  • Utah: Salma Bengali


We are developing methods for analyzing left ventricle motion using tagged MRI. The goal is to be able to automatically reconstruct left ventricle movement and aid diagnosis of cardiac diseases.

Approach, Plan

Our approach for analyzing left ventricle motion is summarized in the IPMI 2013 reference below. The whole system contains the following parts: left ventricle segmentation, tagging line tracking, material point generation, and motion reconstruction. Most of the code is written by Matlab. We plan to port it to VTK/ITK, and add as a module to Slicer.


  • Rewrite the tagging line tracking part of our system with Python.
  • Test adding Python module on Slicer.

Delivery Mechanism

This work will be delivered to the NA-MIC Kit as a commandline program.


  • Y. Yu, S. Zhang, J. Huang, D. Metaxas, L. Axel. Sparse Deformable Models with Application to Cardiac Motion Analysis. IPMI'13, The 23rd biennial International Conference on Information Processing in Medical Imaging, 2013.
  • Y. Yu, S. Zhang, Z. Yan, S. Chen, R. Zhou, D. Metaxas. Mouse LV 3D Motion and Strain Analysis using Tagged MRI. ISBI'13, The IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, 2013.
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