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The Scoop

  • Project week will continue.
  • 3D Slicer 4 will continue.


This page contains talking points for the opening session of the NA-MIC AHM 2014 (the last one).

Slicer downloads by country and region

Slicer downloads by country and region

What we have accomplished

  • Created an outstanding scientific and engineering community in the field of Medical Image Computing (MIC).
  • Investigated novel algorithmic approaches: Particle systems, registration algorithms, segmentation algorithms,
  • Created the NA-MIC kit, a free open source platform for MIC and the basis for 3D Slicer.
  • 3D Slicer is today a platform with worldwide impact.


  • Robust algorithms for segmentation in the face of anatomical variability: label fusion
  • A novel framework for modeling brain connectivity networks
  • Robust pipeline for processing clinical brain images
  • Automatic 4D segmentation of longitudinal brain MRI in severe TBI
  • NAMIC researchers take lead in novel spatio-temporal image and shape analysis methodologies (Whitaker, Styner, Gerig, Tannenbaum and colleagues)

Where we go from here

  • Project week will continue.
  • 3D Slicer 4 will continue.
  • The remaining months of NA-MIC funding will be used to simplify the submission of extensions.
  • Funding:
    • NIH mandated sunset for NA-MIC in June 2014.
    • NAC funded through 2018. Ron Kikinis
    • QIICR funded through 2018. Ron Kikinis, Andrey Fedorov
    • "An Open Source Software for Proton Treatment Planning," NCI/Federal Share Grant C06-CA059267 funded through Dec 2014, Greg Sharp
    • 4DShape"4D Shape Analysis for Modeling Spatiotemporal Change Trajectories in Huntington's" (NINDS, 07/01/12- 06/30/15) PIs Gerig/Fletcher Utah, co-investigators Johnson/Paulsen Iowa
    • Several other grants are being worked on
  • Packages
    • "MABS," an end-user software for multi-atlas segmentation, Greg Sharp