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Key Investigators

  • Iowa: David Welch
  • NLM: Brad Lowekamp
  • Iowa: Hans Johnson

Project Description


Enhance the integration of SimpleITK with Slicer and expand the documentation for building modules from SimpleITK

Approach, Plan

  • Enhance the interface for the existing "SimpleFilters" module to allow for label maps and image types to be better handled.
    • [BRAD] Explain how the SimpleFilters module works
    • [DAVE] Make outputs default to NOT overwriting the inputs
    • [DAVE] For binary image outputs, set them as labelmaps
  • Convert SimpleITK functions to user interface modules
    • [DAVE] Create a SimpleITK function that histogram equalizes one image to another. "outimage=histEQ(refImage,inputImage,numberOfBins)"
    • [DAVE] Convert that simple function to a Slicer GUI interface