2014 Project Week:TBISegmentation

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Key Investigators

  • GE: Marcel Prastawa
  • Utah: Bo Wang, Guido Gerig
  • USC: Andrei Irimia, Jack Van Horn

Project Description


  • Develop a pipeline combining our TBI segmentation algorithm with other Slicer modules.
  • Study and gain understanding of the manual process for segmenting TBI.
  • Test the algorithm with users from USC.

Approach, Plan

  • Wrap existing code into a Slicer extension.
  • Determine approaches for user interaction for semi-automatic segmentation.
  • Test and evaluate Slicer modules for TBI processing:
    • Intra and inter time points coregistration.
    • Initial atlas alignment using affine transformation.
    • Skull stripping to obtain initial brain mask.


  • Ran the command line tool with Andrei step by step to show how it works and test it.
  • Meeting with Jack and Andrei to discuss sharing the current command line tool with them.
  • Joined the TBI DBP meeting to discuss how to integrate the current command line tool into Slicer 3D.
    • Stephen and Steve recommended to do a Python scripting module and talk to Jean-Christophe.
    • Talked to Jean-Christophe and he pointed me a tutorial the wiki of breakout session Slicer4Python.
    • Tried to understand the Slicer4Python tutorial and followed it step by step (still working on).
    • Talked to other Slicer developers to ask for help and suggestions.