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Image:PW-MIT2014.png|[[2014_Summer_Project_Week#Projects|Projects List]]
Image:PW-MIT2014.png|[[2014_Summer_Project_Week#Projects|Projects List]]
Image:dramms-logo.png|[http://www.cbica.upenn.edu/sbia/software/dramms/ |DRAMMS Website]
Image:dramms-logo.png|[[http://www.cbica.upenn.edu/sbia/software/dramms/ |DRAMMS Website]]

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Image:dramms-logo.png|[|DRAMMS Website] </gallery>

Key Investigators

  • MGH: Yangming Ou, Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer
  • Isomics: Steve Pieper
  • UPenn: Christos Davatzikos
  • BWH: Andriy Fedorov, Tina Kapur, Ron Kikinis

Project Description


  • To integrate the DRAMMS deformable registration software into 3DSlicer.

Approach, Plan

  • Starting from the current stand-alone DRAMMS version (academic- but not commercial-friendly), figure out the necessary interface to integrate it into Slicer.



[DRAMMS]: DRAMMS is a general-purpose, fully-automated, deformable image registration algorithm and software package. It is suitable for cross-subject, longitudinal, multi-modal registration tasks.