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Image:PW-MIT2014.png|[[2014_Summer_Project_Week#Projects|Projects List]]
Image:PW-MIT2014.png|[[2014_Summer_Project_Week#Projects|Projects List]]
Image:roboRater.png|[http://brainsia.github.io/roboRater/ Github site]

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Key Investigators

  • IOWA: Dave Welch, Eun Young (Regina) Kim, Hans Johnson

Project Description


  • Create a database-driven script to compare results of segmentation workflow experiments validating results on a per-region basis
  • Comparisons will use DICE
  • Script will register patient scans from a baseline experiment to the 'new' experiment

Approach, Plan

  • Identify the DICE threshold for automatic QA entry
  • Interface with our PostgreSQL database for QA access and recording
  • Validate automated responses on 20 test cases


  • Complete
  • Source code on Github