2014 Summer Project Week:Multidim Data

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Key Investigators

  • Andras Lasso (Queen's U)
  • Kevin Wang (Princess Margaret Cancer Center)

Project Description


  • Ongoing work to improve the current multidim data work to support more use cases.
  • Migrate part/all functionalities in MulitVolume extension into Multidim extension.

Approach, Plan

  • Support for transform (linear and deformable) sequence data type.
  • Support for label statistics for multidim data.
  • Motion tracking module.
  • Generic CLI support: pass multiple file names for node sequences


  • Added mouse cursor position to vtkMRMLCrosshairNode (https://github.com/Slicer/Slicer/pull/147), so any module can easily observe the current mouse position in slice viewers. Other pointing devices can use it, too (LeapMotion, etc).
    • Used also by Data probe module and Transform module info window
  • Integrated features developed by Kevin Wang:
    • Interactive plotting of volume intensities over time
    • Volume sequence registration
    • Multidimensional labelmap statistics


  • Multidim data extension source code: [1]