2014 Summer Project Week: Chronicle

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Key Investigators

  • Steve Pieper, Isomics
  • Anyone else who is interested

Project Description

Chronicle is an idea to have a database and processing system based on DICOM and CouchDB. The basic ideas are covered in the Chronicle Pamphlet.


  • Lots of DICOM and related data to be organized for easy access
    • Standardized representations
    • Distributed replication
    • Filtered replication
    • Simultaneous access and update
  • Automatic triggering of processing modules
    • Auto data conversion
    • Workflow management
  • Access from a variety of tools
    • Slicer
    • Web Apps
    • Batch

Approach, Plan

  • Give demos of current work in progress if people are interested
  • Discuss
    • NoSQL
    • JavaScript
    • MapReduce for Medical Records
    • DICOM, Electronic Medical Records
    • HTML5 Apps, WebGL
    • SlicerChronicle


  • Held productive discussions with several possible users
    • MGH for GBM research
    • Childrens/MGH/BWH for RPDR and mi2b2 data management
    • U. Iowa Huntingtons clinical data management
  • Did experimental uploads to couchdb server installed in Iowa
    • uploads ongoing (225K instances so far on one server)
    • performance appears to be good even with lots of data
  • Reviewed scalability with Jim