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Image:PW-SLC2014.png|[[2014_Winter_Project_Week#Projects|Projects List]]
Image:PW-SLC2014.png|[[2014_Winter_Project_Week#Projects|Projects List]]
File:Mandible4DShape.gif|Jaw evolution

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Key Investigators

  • SCI Institute: James Fishbaugh
  • University of Michigan: Vinicius Boen

Project Description


  • Explore the application of Shape Prediction to study mandibular changes associated with jaw surgery, arthritis and growth.

Approach, Plan

  • Individual regression with control points at shared locations
    • Compare to previous results
    • Compare differences between HD subjects and controls


  • Working with James Fishbaugh we were able to apply the 4DShape Analysis to one of our studies and we got very nice movie and results.
  • We can still improve the visualization with acceleration and velocity vectors if we have a feedback for what is necessary for qualitative and quantitative analysis.