2014 Winter Project Week DTI Tools Breakout

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  • Martin Styner
  • Peter Savadjiev
  • Anybody with an interest to use the UNC-Utah NA-MIC atlas based DTI fiber analysis framework (we have to come up with a better & shorter name)


DTI has become a crucial modality in the field of neuroimaging to capture changes in micro-organization and to assess white matter integrity or development. While several analysis toolsets currently exist (such as SPM & FSL/TBSS), there is a need for a coherent end-to-end toolset that allows an along-fiber tract analysis, accessible to non-technical neuroimaging researchers. The UNC-Utah NA-MIC DTI framework represents a coherent, open source, end-to-end toolset for atlas fiber tract based DTI analysis encompassing DICOM data conversion, quality control, atlas building, fiber tractography, fiber parameterization, and statistical analysis of diffusion properties. Most steps utilize graphical user interfaces (GUI) to simplify interaction and provide an extensive DTI analysis framework for non-technical researchers/investigators.


Martin will present a compressed version of the SPIE 2013 workshop on the framework, leaving out DTI background information, with additional discussions of FiberViewerLight, DTIAtlasFiberAnalyzer and FADDTS (the corresponding matlab based statistical analysis toolbox). In addition, Peter will present tools from the MIT/BWH groups on tract queries, ukf tractography and other dti software.

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