2015 Summer Project Week:Integrated Virtual Reality Viewer

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Key Investigators

  • Franklin King
  • Steve Pieper
  • Jayender Jagadeesan
  • Tina Kapur
  • Utsav Pardasani

Project Description

Previous virtual reality projects for Slicer have either been limited to specific hardware or have required the use of third party applications. The plan is to create an integrated virtual reality viewer as a module within 3D Slicer that can be used with the variety of consumer virtual reality devices releasing in the coming year.




  • Create virtual reality viewer module
    • Allow a user to pick a point in a Slicer scene to place themselves and render a 360° panoramic view of the scene for virtual reality headsets

Approach, Plan

  • Module allows user to position a point in the scene to view from
  • Opens a window to be viewed using a VR HMD
    • Create a view of the scene (exported as MP4[1]?), display using three.js or similar, and handle distortion and tracking
  • Investigate making 'canned' animation types like flythroughs or rotations
  • Use the Endoscopy module
  • Investigate exporting mp4 regular movies as well (e.g. for youtube)



[1] http://www.openh264.org/