2015 Summer Project Week:LightWeightRobotIGT

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Key Investigators

  • Sebastian Tauscher
  • Junichi Tokuda
  • Jayender Jagadeesan

Project Description


  • The LightWeightRobotIGT [1] module allows to communicate with a light weight robot (LWR iiwa, KUKA Laboratories GmbH, Germany, Augsburg) using an open interface concept based on the OpenIGTLink protocol (LWROpenIGTIF). Therefore, a state machine example is available at Git Hub containing the necessary interface classes for the communication on the robot control.

Approach, Plan

During the project week the definition of virtaul fixtures and the definition of the target point via fiducials is planned.

  • Definition of virtual fixtures via 2 points
  • Definition of target point and target orientation


  • Definition of entrance/start point and end point of linear trajectory e.g. in CT-Images
  • Orientation definition of virtual fixture and of target pose
  • Pre defined offset between entrance point and virtual fixture