2016 Summer Project Week/DICOM Parametric Maps

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Key Investigators

  • Michael Onken
  • Jan Schlamelcher
  • Andrey Fedorov
  • Christian Herz

Project Description

This software project is part of the QIICR project.


  • Add API to DCMTK (library called dcmpmap) which allows easy creation and reading of DICOM Parametric Map objects
  • Parametric Map objects have been introduced in DICOM with Supplement 172 in 2014.
  • From the Supplement: DICOM Parametric Maps include quantitative derived images computed from acquired images, where each pixel value has a "meaning" in the real world, and the name "parametric" alludes to the meaning being the parameter of something, such as a pharmacokinetic model. In general, the term "parametric map" is loosely used to refer to any derived image whose pixel values have a quantitative meaning, as opposed to acquired images, whose pixel values may or may not have meaning
  • This week we will work to discuss and finalize the API of the the library and prepare it for checkin to DCMTK

Approach, Plan

  • Discuss existing API and refine it
  • Finalize it (documentation, cleanup) for checkin into DCMTK

Progress and Next Steps