2016 Summer Project Week/Integrating/Using OpenIGTLink for the communications of Robotics devices

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Key Investigators

  • Scheherazade Kraß
  • Longquan Chen

Project Description


  • Obtaining a better understanding of OpenIGTLink:
  1. How to use and integrate it in different robotic devices using:
    1. MeVisLab applications
    2. Slicer

Approach, Plan

Robotic Devices
  • Defining different workflows for communication between robotic device and MeVislab applications, including sending/receiving strings, image sets and control commands for:
  1. The Kuka LBR robot used in a MeVislab based research project.
  2. The MRI compatible Manipulator, a 5 DoF robot for performing transrectal prostate biopsies.
  • Defined Scenarios :
    • Workflow01:
MLab Interface
  • Design and implement a generic interface for using OpenIGT commands in MeVislab network layer.
    • Create Client /Server
      • Name, show status,
    • Define Datatypes: Vector position, Status, etc..
    • Communication: Send and recieve:
      • Massages
      • Data-sets
      • Images
    • Control commands


  • to be defined in the project week.