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==Key Investigators==
==Key Investigators==
* Scheherazade Kraß
* Scheherazade Kraß
* Longquan Chen
==Project Description==
==Project Description==

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Key Investigators

  • Scheherazade Kraß
  • Longquan Chen

Project Description


  • Integrating/Using OpenIGTLink for the communications of robotic devices:
  1. The MRI_Manipulator, a 5 DoF robot for performing transrectal prostate biopsies.
  2. The Kuka LBR robot in MITIGATE, a MeVislab based research project.

Approach, Plan

  1. MRI_Manipulator: The system is based on MeVisLab, the robot is controlled with a pneumatic motor via PLC controller, the movement commands are transferred through an Emulator. The goal is making this system working with OpenIGTLink (in Simulation).
  2. MITIGATE: The overall objective of the EU-project MITIGATE is to develop and validate an integrated closed-loop process to effectively treat metastatic gastrointestinal stromal tumour (GIST) patients resistant to the currently available class of medication. We are involved in WP7 "Minimally Invasive Therapy" and will develop a control software for robot-assisted minimally invasive interventions. There we have to deal with DynaCT images from an interventional Artis Zeego External Link and steer a Kuka LBR External Link robot that holds the interventional device. The gola is to define workflows for robot communications and implement this via OpenIGTLink. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BeerXldDq0


  • to be started in the project week.