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Key Investigators

  • Christian Herz (BWH)
  • Peter Behringer (Basler AG)
  • Andriy Fedorov (BWH)

Project Description

Slicetracker is a Slicer extension which focuses on tracking the prostate during MR-guided prostate biopsies. It combines registration of the prostate in pre-procedural and intra-procedural images which improves the chance to find the exact same target position in intra-procedural images.

Furthermore a so called z-Frame registration is included for correlating the patient and 3D Slicers coordinate system. For guidance of the needle a template grid with 15x14 holes is placed in front of the z-Frame. The optimal hole is computed for inserting the needle and obtaining the tissue sample.

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps
  • Use SliceTracker currently used in shadow mode + collecting feedback from Kemal about usability
    • At least 5 cases in a row which has to run without having any issues, then production use
  • Integration of Z-Frame registration
  • Calculation of template hole and depth to apply for reaching targets
  • Discussions and feedback about usability and improvements
  • Discussions about implementing SliceTracker as a Slicelet (this will prevent users from making mistakes/pushing wrong buttons etc.)
  • Next Steps:
    • Will soon run in production mode replacing the "old" Slicer 3 cart
    • As soon as it is in its final state: create extension

Background and References


SliceTracker code: https://github.com/SlicerProstate/SliceTracker

Previous project week resources: