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=Slicer Extensions=
==Moderator ==
==Moderator ==
Steve Pieper
Steve Pieper

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Slicer Extensions


Steve Pieper


This will be a "birds of a feather" session for current and potential developers of Slicer extensions to share ideas and experiences. Among other things, we will discuss what the right boundaries are between Slicer Core and Extensions, the types of needs there are across current/future Extensions, and whether we should have a hierarchy of dependencies between Extensions.


All interested extension developers are encouraged to attend. The following people are active extension developers and are encouraged to participate.

Casba Pinter, Andras Lasso, Raul San Jose Estepar, Jorge Oneiva, Beatriz Paniagua, Andrey Fedorov, Eric Moult, Lauren O'Donnell, Isaiah Norton, Greg Sharp, Erich Bremer


Extension developers should be prepared to discuss their development plans, particularly if they have any requirements for the Slicer core that can be used to prioritize discussions for the Thursday afternoon discussion of development in the Slicer core.