2016 Winter Project Week/Dinner

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Dinner Specs

  • Date and Time: Thursday, January 7th, 6pm
  • Location: Desi Dhaba, 401 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge (about 10 minute walk from Project Week)
  • Food: Indian. (Veg and non-veg options, naan, rice)
  • Cost: $25 to be paid in cash when you get to the restaurant (for BWH attendees, this is reimbursable)
  • Drinks: tap water is included in this price. Beyond that each person pays individually for their drinks - alcohol or otherwise

Disclaimer: We went yesterday (Monday) and they were not serving alcohol. - Adam Rankin


  1. Tina Kapur
  2. Ron Kikinis
  3. Steve Pieper
  4. Andrey Fedorov
  5. Sonia Pujol
  6. Hans Meine
  7. Michael Onken
  8. Junichi Tokuda
  9. Dan Blezek
  10. Beatriz Paniagua
  11. Johan Andruejol
  12. Christian Askeland
  13. Lucia Cevidanes