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Key Investigators

Françoi Budin, University of North Carolina Lucia Cevidanes, University of Michigan Beatriz Paniagua, University of North Carolina Steeve Pieper, Isomics Juan Carlos Prieto, University of north Carolina Jean-Baptiste Vimort, University of Michigan

Project Description


  • Create a common data structure that will allow a better use of: Angle Plane, Easy Clip, Pick and Paint, Q3DC, Surface Registration.
  • The data structure will allow the user to work with all of these modules at the same time.
  • The data structure will also allow the user to save and reload all his progress in the different modules.

Approach, Plan

  • Find a way to share the data structure between modules and save it.
  • Identify the useful information and create the data structure.
  • Modify all the modules to make them work with the new data structure.


  • It has been decided that the data structure will be encoded in JSON and save in the "markupFiducialNodes" thanks to the SetAttribute function. This will allow all the modules to read and modify this data structure, and save it by saving the "MRMLscene" in Slicer.
  • After a study of all modules, and a listing of all the useful information for each module, the data structure shown bellow (schematic description) as been created.
  • The modification of the modules has started with Surface Registration, Pick and Paint, and Q3DC.